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Why The Studio? (Brief Parts of Pastor Tom's Testimony)

Music and Sound Enforcement, Recording, and Reproduction have always been among my great Joys! I can remember as a young man of sixteen my father asked me "what do you want to do in life". I responded, "I would like to open a recording studio for the musicians in the Albuquerque area." His reply was, " That is a #%$&@!% fool thing to do." My dad was not an encourager, He believed and this is a quote, "You will never amount to anything." This was in 1972. Thanks to Jesus my father and I became close. When he died our relationship had been restored and his prediction proved untrue.

Rio Rancho Recording StudioAs a musician in various bands, I always ended up owning the equipment that were used for PA or amplification. Even though I attempted to train several people to run the systems, I was the only one who could run the equipment to the band's (and my own) satisfaction. After a time I had a better sound system than most bands could afford to rent or buy and I got quite proficient at mixing music. At one point in the mid 80s I had an opportunity to purchase a nearly new 16 track TEAC reel to reel tape recorder. I thought I might convert my home on Monroe Street to a Studio, but as God would have it that never materialized.

After playing in several "garage bands" for next to nothing two bands that I led, Soundzone and Sergeant Friday, made it into the bar scene and we were playing 5 or 6 days a week. I learned during that time that the band members made peanuts but the sound man made $200.00 - $400.00 a week; lots more than the poor musicians. (That was a lot of loot in the mid 80's) I decided then to run sound rather than play  drums and program synthesizers. (Electronic music was another of my interests.)

Over the next few years I ran sound for many groups including The Kims, Fascinator, Paradox, J.F. Words and South 14. I got proficient at sound and I was my biggest critic as well as the one I most wanted to please. My dream to run a professional studio though that never became a reality. I eventually sold all of my equipment which at one time amounted to one of the largest privately owned sound system in New Mexico. I was somewhatheartbroken at giving up the dream of making a living around music.

Well I met Jesus on my own personal Damascus Road. God had a plan to redeem me  first and then utilize my talents. After a six year involvement in Para Church activism including Citizens for Excellence in Education and the National Association of Christian Educators, I ended up addicted to Heroin and Crack Cocaine and found myself at the "Men's Home" in Las Vegas, New Mexico: A facility operated by Pastor Mike Naranjo and the Rock Christian Fellowship in Espanola, New Mexico.

Pastor Mike had been a traveling musician for many years (he even had a number one Latin hit) and the Lord got a hold of his heart while on the road touring. Thankfully God redeemed his talent too! He was the Senior Pastor and he led Praise and worship at "The Rock".

After a short Time I ended up running sound for Pastor Mike. Over the next decade and a half I was administrator at The Rock and I participated the build up of an awesome sound system for their church and I also became their drummer. (I also found and married the most beautiful, intelligent, and witty woman in the world; my wife Rebecca) During my years at the Rock I trained 6 or 7 men to run the sound system and some of them got pretty good at it! I was really living my dream. I was Praising God, Playing Music with some of the best talent in Northern New Mexico. I was recording music and I was even ordained "Associate Pastor" and I received a degree in Theology!

Something was missing though. I began to recognize the call to Pastor a church for God in Rio Rancho. I was soon sent by the Rock to establish a work in Rio Rancho in January of 2006. We still lived in Santa Fe and seeing that we would eventually be in Rio Rancho, Rebecca and I put our hose on the market. After a year and a half we finally sold our house in Santa Fe and moved to Rio Rancho. The House financed the Church and the Studio.

I always wanted to set up a professional Studio so the dreams of others would truly be realized. What I didn't know though was that God wanted me to have influence over the most influential people in the state; musicians. I was to let them know that our Jehovah God was the one helping them realize their dreams. GLORY and HALLELUIAH to our RISEN SAVIOR!

There is really so much to tell but as it says - it is in brief! Blessings, Pastor Tom Bozone